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  1. 那个看百度了,反正不好去。。我的也没管,把源码检查下,后来百度自己给去了。。。

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  7. Hey, it's been a proper rollercoaster journey for me,

    but finally I've managed to build platform connecting ppl with mobile car valeters (think Uber Eats for car cleaning!). Came upon your site & thought you might like the idea.

    Dw I'm not about to sell you backlinks or a cheap website. lol

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    As a fellow founder, I know you know the challenges with new companies. I'm basically looking to raise £60k for 15% equity to fuel growth.

    If keen, let's chat more on a call. No pressure tho. Worst case, we can swap founder war stories! Always appreciate advice.

    Thanks for your time mate, I know it's precious!


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